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Precision Aerospace Tooling

As a result of Texas Machine-Tool International’s recent diversification efforts, TMI has created a Tooling Services Group with a complete line of in-house expertise and equipment. 

TMI offers the following Aerospace Tooling Services:

  • Full Design, Analysis, Fabrication, and Assembly of Aerospace Tooling
  • Tool Measurement and Certification
  • Tool Repeatability Studies
  • Full Custom  Process Design and Development
  • Customized Measurement Automation with Spatial Analyzer

TMI has designed, built and delivered precision aerospace fixturing to a number of aerospace companies.  For example, our organization has designed and built stack routers with an automated loading system for an aerospace company, and has successfully completed control retrofits for another aerospace corporation.  TMI combines the latest in precision aerospace tooling technology and management to ensure your tooling and fixturing is correct, complete and delivered on schedule.

  • Climate Control

    TMI has a climate controlled space for calibration of equipment and the use of laser measurement equipment.

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  • Flexible Tooling Retrofit Systems

    For custom retrofit of existing Pogo systems or a purpose built solutions with tables of any size or configuration, please see our section on the Infinite Tool Product line.

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