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Horizontal Boring Mill Rebuild

Texas Machine-Tool International offers a horizontal boring mill rebuilding service to help increase the productivity of your boring mill. A horizontal boring mill is a machine tool which bores holes horizontally. If properly maintained, boring mills can last a long time. TMI is proud to have technicians with close knowledge of the inner workings of horizontal boring mills.

Since horizontal boring mills were originally manufactured, new innovations in design have arisen which enhance production. The technicians at TMI are up-to-date with all of these new technologies. We can incorporate new linear guide systems into your horizontal boring mill, resulting in better positioning accuracy and higher energy efficiency.

A rebuild is a cost-effective way to benefit from new technologies without having to part with your current machine. The accuracy and performance of a machine tool depends on its moving parts having smooth, true surfaces, proper alignment and fit, and gears and lead screws that turn within correct tolerances. Whether or not your horizontal boring mill has proven to be reliable, our machine tool specialists know exactly how enhance your machine.

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