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Industrial Laser Calibration & Measurement

Texas Machine Tool offers the API Laser Tracker– a portable, 3D measurement system, which utilizes the latest in laser technology to effectively and accurately perform even the most complex measurement tasks.  TMI also has the API  XD6 Laser for Linear Axis Calibration as well as the SwivelCheck SC100MC for Rotary Axis Calibration.

XD6 Laser Linear Axis Calibration

  • Measures Linearity, Straightness, Roll, Pitch, Yaw in a Single Pass
  • Compensation Abilities- All Controls

SwivelCheck SC100MC Rotary Axis Calibration

  • Measures Vertical and Horizontal Axes
  • Compensation Abilities- All Controls

All equipment is maintained with a NIST traceable calibration and all services conclude with full report of both the before, after, and geometric condition of the machine. TMI is fluent in the compensation of all controls and has experience in going beyond just the standard linear compensation.

TMI has the experience to level, square, and repair any items found during the calibration offering you a ‘one stop location’ for all your needs.

TMI also offers a measurement plan service to aid in processes of measurement technology.  A measurement plan is a custom written”script” that mimics a process on the shop floor for the deployment of measurement technology. These scripts are written in an effort to provide many things to a process. Such aspects as improved productivity, process repeatability, and cost are benefits of such an approach. Further, the interface to the instrument is streamlined with embedded work instructions to minimize training and employee turnover impacts. A variety of instruments may be used in the deployment of a measurement plan including, but not limited to, Portable Arms, Laser Trackers, Laser Scanners, and Laser Radar. Contact TMI today for a free assessment of your process to see how much you could save through automating your measurement process.

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