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Machine Tool Retrofit

Technology has advanced machine tool control systems from hardwired numerical controls to computerized controls. This gives manufacturers greater flexibility and improved productivity with their machine tools.

The benefits of retrofitting older machine tools with state-of-the-art technology and TMI's expertise make machine tool remanufacturing the best alternative to purchasing new machine tools.

TMI's comprehensive engineering and retrofitting services offer long term, cost-effective alternatives to expensive new machine tools or old machine tools which require frequent repairs. Existing machine tools are retrofitted with the latest state-of-the-art control systems and rebuilt to meet or exceed their original operating parameters... at significantly less than the cost of a new machine tool.

Control Retrofit Benefits include:

  • 40-60% of the Cost of New Machine Tools
  • Preserving Proven Programs and Special Tooling Fixtures
  • Delivery in 12-16 Weeks versus as much as a Year for New Machine Tools
  • Custom Applications Engineering Not Usually Available With New Machine Tools

Comprehensive Control Retrofit Services Include:

  • Needs Evaluations and System Design
  • Electrical Cabinets and Panels modernization
    • Allows for more features within a smaller space
  • Applications Engineering Services
  • Software Development and Integration
  • Off-The-Shelf Components
  • Panel Building and Wiring
  • Systems Test and Evaluation
  • Software Manuals
  • Training
  • Comprehensive Documentation of All Hardware, Including Complete Bill of Materials, Schematics, and System Drawings to Industry Standards
  • Cabinets built with American Standard Compliance as well as CE Compliance for Europe

Every Machine that TMI retrofits follows a checklist point system below that ensures every part of the machine has been evaluated.

  • Electrical System: The electrical system (except motors, electrical enclosures wire ways, rigid conduit and power track, if they meet current codes) shall be removed and replaced with a new system consisting of components presently used in the manufacture of new machine tools. The entire electrical system shall conform to the requirements of the customer and ANSI.   All electrical equipment on the machine shall be operable after connection of a single power source.
  • CNC Control: The existing CNC control shall be replaced. The replaced control shall be identified by model and all standard features should be enumerated within the base price.
  • Machine Rewiring: The machine shall be completely rewired including replacement of all flexible conduits. All machine-mounted switches shall be replaced.
  • Machine Feedback: The existing feedback (encoders, resolvers, scales, etc.)Will be replaced where required or at customer direction.
  • Motors: All electric motors, except axis drive motors, shall be disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt to restore them to original manufacturer's standards. If the vendor has determined that replacement is necessary on 15 hp or larger motors, the additional costs shall be borne by the customer. The vendor will advise the customer on the additional costs and procurement time. All motor bearings shall be replaced with sealed bearings. Electrical motors which cannot be rebuilt to require condition shall be replaced with new totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) energy efficient motors of sufficient capacity to provide performance equal to or better than the original motors. Electric motors shall conform to all requirements of the customer.
  • Spindle Drive: The existing spindle drive shall be replaced. The new drive shall provide performance capabilities equal to or better than the replaced drive.
  • Spindle Motor: The existing motor should be rebuilt or replaced.
  • Axis Feed Motors and Drives: The existing axes drive motors shall be removed and replaced with new drive motors. The motors shall be dc permanent magnet or ac variable speed servo type motors with the latest solid state servo drive technology. The new motors and drives shall provide performance capabilities equal to or better than the replaced motor and drive.
  • Air Conditioning: To eliminate problems related to heat and airborne contaminants, an appropriately sized, closed circuit air conditioner will be provided in the quote or discussed with customer if there is a requirement.

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