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Precision Grinder Rebuild

Precision Grinder Rebuild

Texas Machine-Tool International offers a precision grinder rebuild service to help further define the quality of pieces finished by grinders old and new. Grinding machines are used to shape workpieces for industries across the board. Today’s precision grinder is typically a CNC machine tool consisting of four, five, or six axes, which produces end mills, drills, etc., which are widely used in the metal cutting industry. The technicians at TMI have years of experience, lending to a close knowledge of how different models of precision grinders work, and how to make them work better.

When it comes to the finished product, our goal is yours, whether that be a low surface roughness, a highly accurate shape, or a controlled temperature to prevent overheating. Also, through automation, the specialists at Texas Machine-Tool International can make your grinder so precise and trusty that extended periods of unmanned production will become a reality in your workplace.

We pride ourselves on customer service and an awareness and knowledge of state of the art technologies, and we know how to rebuild your precision grinder into a virtually new, highly productive machine. TMI technicians can do the job either onsite or at our modern 24,000 square foot facility—whichever location is more convenient for each customer. Contact us today to learn more about our rebuild service.


  • CNC Grinders

    Modern CNC tool and cutter grinders enhance productivity by typically offering features such as automatic tool loading as well as the ability to support multiple grinding wheels. High levels of automation, as well as automatic in-machine tool measurement and compensation, allow extended periods of unmanned production.

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