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Remanufactured Boring Mills

Boring Mills

TMI is your go-to source for quality boring mill remanufacturing. We can rebuild, retrofit, or remanufacture horizontal boring mills and vertical boring mills to any level necessary to meet your unique demands. With our boring mill remanufacturing services, you can save money by getting more out of your current machine tools.

Boring mills are used in a range of industries that require tight hole tolerances for part and machine accuracy.

Each machine that TMI remanufactures undergoes a rigorous, point-by-point examination to ensure that every component has been evaluated and is up to snuff. The machine is completely disassembled and each part is examined for damage and excessive wear. Parts are either replaced or thoroughly cleaned, based on their condition.

With all boring mill remanufacturing jobs, we inspect, repair, and replace the following components on horizontal boring mills and vertical boring mills:

  • Castings
  • Ways and Gibs
  • Bearings and Bearing Bores
  • Shafts
  • Gears
  • Dials and Scales
  • Brakes and Clutches
  • Belts
  • Way Wipers
  • Way Covers
  • Cleaning, Treating and Painting
  • Lubrication System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Pneumatic System
  • Coolant System

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