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Machine Tool Cryogenic Treatment

Machine Tool Cryogenic TreatmentDeep Cryogenic Treatment is a material science and involves the process of reducing the temperature of components over an extended period of time to extreme cold levels, usually slightly below -190°C / -300°F¨

As the Liquid Nitrogen boils off from liquid to gas at around -195 degrees Celsius, the components in its proximity are also cooled. The process is controlled by microprocessors so that thermal shock is not generated at the same time resulting in damage to components. As the material cools, its molecular structure is drawn together through contraction and stress and dislocation brought about by production methods is removed or reduced. Cryogenic treatment removes heat from an object which then allows the object to enter its most relaxed state or a condition with the least amount of kinetic energy. After heat treatment, steels still have a certain percentage of retained austenite which can be transformed into martensite via cryogenic treatment. All metals including copper, aluminum, alloy, etc., not just steel benefit from the residual stress relief that cryogenic treatment promotes.

The general processing cycle occurs within a three day time window, with 24 hours to reach the optimal bottom temperature for a product, 24 hours to hold at the bottom temperature, and 24 hours to return to room temperature. Depending on the product, some items will be heated in an oven to even higher temperatures.

cryogenic tool conditioningCryogenically Treated Machine Tools

The process has a wide range of applications from industrial tooling to improvement of musical signal transmission. Some of the benefits of cryogenic treatment include longer part life, less failure due to cracking, improved thermal properties, better electrical properties including less electrical resistance, reduced coefficient of friction, less creep and walk, improved flatness, and easier machining.

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